Sunday, February 22, 2009

RSS to Javascript

This site will convert an RSS feed into Javascript, this will allow a complete table of contents to be added as a widget. First, convert your blog RSS feed to javascript. Go to RSS to Javascript here:
RSS to Javascript

In the URL box at the top enter your blog feed:

Substitute blog name in place of 'yourblogname'.

Turn on or off the options you want to read; if only the title is wanted, then choose 'No' to most of the options: Show Channel, Show Descriptions and Show Posting Date.

Enter zero for Number of items to show all available items, Yes to Use List Elements.

Hit the Preview button to check that your titles are shown.
If the Preview does not tally go to Settings--->Site Feed in your blog and turn on the site feed.

Click on Generate Javascript button to generate the code. Copy that Javascript code by selecting all. Put this in a widget, either in your Sidebar, or if you've changed the post settings to accept widgets, you can have the table of contents shown before or after the first post.


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