Thursday, May 8, 2008

Create Your Own Blog in Five Minutes

Blog Places

To create your own blog, which will get as the address, after approval:

    Click on this one, the big one:
  1. Log in with your Google name and pw, click “Create a blog”
  2. Enter a blog name - have a name ready and about 10-20 alternates in mind, the first 10 will be gone, maybe the first 50; the title does not have to match the site's address.
  3. Grab a template, doesn’t matter which one at first, you can change it later from a one click button and pick another, all posts, comments, other info will remain intact.
  4. Blog created! Add a post – it can be a test and can be easily deleted later, you may as well make it an “Introduction” to the new blog. Just click the little pencil icon below the post to edit or delete it.

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